Lannister The Warrior’s Sons

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    The Warrior's Sons have renounced their many titles in service of the Seven, and sworn their knightly training and strength-of-arms to the High Septon and the Faith's noble cause. Their heavy armor and sharp swords, combined with their unshakable devotion, make them a perfect vanguard for any Faithful formation. Whether on assault or defense, the Sons can be relied upon to advance or hold with equal proficiency. Even when beset by countless foes, the Sons remain steadfast. The more desperate the situation, the louder their prayers. And those prayers never fall upon deaf ears.

    13 Miniatures
      ‣ 12 Warrior's Sons
      ‣ 1 Champion of Faith
    1 Unit Card
    1 Attachment Card
    6 Faith Tokens
    1 Movement Tray

    - $29.74

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