Lannister Halberdiers

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    While capable of mounting offensive assaults, House Lannister's Halberdiers excel in defensive formation and positions, particularly when protecting ranged units against determined cavalry assaults. Only the most insane cavalry commander would contemplate a frontal assault against such dangerous weapons with their long reach. Even charging infantry should think twice before facing an entrenched Halberdier line. Care should be taken to shield Halberdiers from flanking maneuvers or ranged fire, but, when properly employed, nothing gets past a Halberdier's watchful eye.

    Plastic components.

    13 Miniatures
      ‣ 12 Lannister Halberdiers
      ‣ 1 Assault Veteran
    1 Unit Card
    1 Attachment Card
    1 Movement Tray

    - $29.74

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