Zone Mortalis: Underhive Sector

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    Collecting together a host of Zone Mortalis scenery kits to build a total of 106 pieces of highly detailed terrain – every element of which is designed to be compatible or interchangeable with the others – this box is your one-stop shop for building a Necromunda table with multiple tiers and elevations.

    There's no need to limit yourself to Necromunda, either – this terrain is also ideal for use in games of Warhammer 40,000 and Kill Team.

    This 438-piece kit contains:

    Zone Mortalis Gang Stronghold
    - 1x Watchtower
    - 1x Gunk Tank
    - 1x Set of Stronghold Gates
    - 4x Stronghold Walls
    - 2x Stronghold Corners
    - 1x Stronghold Wall Extension

    Zone Mortalis Platforms and Stairs
    - 2x Sets of Stairs
    - 16x Platforms
    - 2x Wide Platforms
    - 12x Railings
    - 4x Ladders
    - 1x Lift

    Zone Mortalis Columns and Walls
    - 12x Columns
    - 2x Wide Walls
    - 8x Walls
    - 2x Wide Doors
    - 2x Doors

    Zone Mortalis Barricades and Objectives
    - 1x Gang Relic
    - 1x Priority Marker
    - 4x Door Terminals
    - 1x Beast's Lair
    - 5x Loot Caskets
    - 9x Barricades
    - 4x Boobly Traps

    Zone Mortalis Pipes and Conduits
    - 3x Pipes
    - 1x Control Point
    - 1x Broken Pipe Section
    - 2x Curved Pipe Sections
    - 1x Short End Pipe

    - $267.75

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