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Mythic Americas: Supay Ravagers (Pre-Order)

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Supay Ravagers are creatures of the Crux. Soul Walkers speak of them in a mixture
or awe and fear. To many, the rumor, or worse yet, the actual sighting of a Supay
Ravager portends great turmoil and war.
When Supay Ravagers fight alongside human Forces they will typically accompany
Inca Armies. But they have also fought alongside every Force on Mythic Earth.
On the battlefield they strike as lightning-fast serpents from the darkest depths
of the underworld, rushing into combat, dealing dreadful damage to their chosen
target and then leaving the fray before the stunned enemy can fully react.
Supay Ravagers working in unison with a Mighty Maras can bring down even
the most fearsome creatures on Mother Earth.