Mythic Americas: Inuit - Tuvaak Master

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    Product Contains:

    • 3 White Metal Models
    • 3 32mm (3mm Thick) MDF Bases

    The Tuvaak Master is the Inuit Warlord and leader of the hunt. With the hardy special rule and medium armor he is a sturdy combatant that can be upgraded to wield a harpoon in battle.

    In the frost covered lands of the north, the Inuit people rely on The Tuvaak Master as their Warlord and leader of the hunt. His skill at hunting caribou, seal, whale, and bear translates into a fearful ability as a predator and he possesses endurance far beyond that of normal men. With layered hides and bone armor, and a notched harpoon, the Tuvaak Master is feared for his command of the harshest battlefields.

    - $17.00

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