Mythic Americas: Inuit - Tuktu Tuvaak (Bear Hunters)

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    This Product Contains:

    • 5 Metal Models
    • 5 32mm MDF Bases

    A critical part of the Inuit lifestyle is hunting both the animals of the land and sea. Both are dangerous prospects in the cold and unforgiving climate of the arctic. The Tuktu Tuvaak bear hunters fearlessly take on the largest Polar Bear, Caribou and Musk Ox to either bring the creatures spirits under their command or hunt them for food and protection. With heavy furs and sharp whale bone spears, the Tuktu Tuvaak are relentless hunters

    The Tuktu Tuvaak bear hunters are a solid melee unit with above average strength and resistance.  Along with the Inuit Hardy ability they are hard to destroy without great cost to the attacking unit.

      - $17.00

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