Marvel Heroclix Battlegrounds: Avengers vs Masters of Evil

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    Get Started with Battlegrounds!

    The Avengers are a team of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – can they defeat the Masters of Evil – a team of Earth’s most menacing villains? Each figure in HeroClix Battlegrounds comes with 2 cards to match their HeroClix dial; one is specifically geared toward learning to play, while the other is good for players who have already played a few games. Featuring fan-favorite heroes and recognizable villains, it will appeal to casual fans and Marvel veterans alike!

    The Avengers feature Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain Marvel. The Masters of Evil include Mach-X, Baron Zemo, Red Skull, Winter Soldier, and Ultron! Different combinations and teams will face off head-to-head in normal HeroClix combat or scenarios unique to this product!

    This boxed-set is a great way for 2 players to learn HeroClix!

    HeroClix Battlegrounds contains everything up to 4 people need to play HeroClix (Exact game components subject to change):

    • 10 HeroClix Figures
    • 20 HeroClix Character Cards
    • 18 Object and Terrain Tokens
    • 20 Action Tokens
    • 4 Full-Color Maps
    • 2 Six-Sided dice with the Avengers logo
    • 1 HeroClix Powers & Abilities Card
    • 1 HeroClix Core Rulebook
    • 8 Scenario/Campaign Cards
    • 6 Double-Sided Bystanders (for Scenario/Campaign use only)

    - $29.74

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