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Exceed: Shovel Knight - Hope Box

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Exceed Fighting System digs up four brand new fighters from the popular video game Shovel Knight. Bring the fast-paced action of head-to-head arcade fighting games to your tabletop. Choose your fighter from an ever-growing roster of diverse characters, each with their own deck of special moves and supers. Play your cards to unleash fireballs, dragon punches, and deadly combos on opponents!

This box contains 4 fighters and everything you need to play:

Shovel Knight & Shield Knight - Knights are strongest when they work together! Shield Knight joins Shovel Knight to fight together as a team once again. Work together with your partner to overwhelm foes!

Propeller Knight - Swoop and dance through the arena, striking with grace and precision as you dismantle your foes! If things prove too tough, send in your artillery crew to bombard the competition!

Mole Knight - Undermine your opponents by tunneling across the arena, attacking from every angle and putting in hard work! If you're out of your depth, turn up the heat with even more burrowing power!

Tinker Knight - It's time to put your blueprints into action! You start vulnerable, so use this time to build up your tools, then unleash havoc in the second phase of battle!

With the Exceed Fighting System, any fighter can battle against any other, regardless of their origin!

132 Cards
1 Rulebook

Ages: 12+
Players: 2
Game Length: 20-30 minutes

This game can be played on its own or combined with other Exceed sets for enhanced play.