Inferno! Volume 6 (Paperback)

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    Tales from the worlds of Warhammer

    Inferno! Volume 6 showcases some of the best new fiction from across Warhammer’s many universes. From the unending darkness of the war-torn 41st Millennium to the tumultuous lands of the Chaos-ravaged Mortal Realms, you'll discover desperate battles, sinister plots, and tales of heroic sacrifice.

    Raised in Darkness by Adrian Tchaikovsky
    Red Knight by Miles A Drake
    The Exorcism of Karsa V by Matt Smith
    Mourning in Rainhollow by Dave Gross
    Vova's Climb by Noah Nguyen
    Blood Drought by Eric Fromley
    The Stuff of Nightmares by Steve Lyons
    The Nefarious Antipustulent of Clan Morbidus by David Guymer
    The Last Knight: Part 2 by Gavin G Smith
    Roadwarden by Liane Merciel

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