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Good morning, all!
Liz from shipping here. I just want to update you all on the situation currently happening with USPS/UPS shipping and delays. The USPS processing facility in Kearny, NJ had their roof collapse from hurricane Ida (it actually injured 7 workers) and it has made shipping a bit of a mess, as they send their mail to other states now for processing, and transfer packages to UPS to complete the delivery. As the holidays approach, I recommend everyone sign up for UPS/USPS text updates for further information on packages they order online, delayed or not.
Additionally, if you have questions on the whereabouts of your package, please contact your local post office or file a missing package claim here:
I cannot refund shipping on delayed packages. There is a massive shortage of shipping clerks, drivers, and postal workers across the country and it is definitely causing some complications.
I do my best to get all packages out in a timely manner, and when I drop off the packages to the post office, it is up to them to deliver your shipments on time and with care. I apologize in advance for any delayed packages that may occur through USPS or UPS, but we're all doing our best!:)
Thank you !!


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