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40k Top Tournament Lists at the Studio!

40k Top Tournament Lists at the Studio!

Mythicos Studios caters to all of our community members. That is why we are proud to host Beginner Tournaments.

In the this event The Adeptus Mechaniucs took first place during our first 40k 9th edition beginner tournament on 4/10/21.

Our Winner went 3/0 with 216 battle-points!

In round one, he faced off against the Death Guard bringing in 45 points to his opponent's 18 points!

Round two was another win at 86 to 33 points against the Orks!

And finally in round three, our winner took 1st place by beating the 2/1 White Scars 85 to 5!

You can check out what our Champ was running here!

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