Necromunda: Goliath Weapons & Upgrades

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    The gangers that fight in the name of House Goliath are hulking brutes, each a pillar of muscle and pent-up violence ready to be unleashed. The weapons and equipment that they use reflect this brutality.

    Upgrade your Goliath fighters with a selection of deadly weaponry allowing you to create a truly unique and formidable gang. Also included are alternate heads and arms, meaning that you can personalise your gang even further.

    This 64-piece plastic kit includes:

    – 2x Flamer
    – 2x Meltagun
    – 2x Boltgun
    – 2x Shotgun
    – 2x Maul
    – 2x Brute Cleaver
    – 2x Two-handed Hammer
    – 2x Two-handed Axe
    – 2x Hand Flamer
    – 2x Bolt Pistol
    – 10x Alternative Hair
    – 10x Alternative Heads
    – 2x Furnace Plate
    – 2x Pointing Hand Arm
    – 2x Cigar Hand Arm

    These parts are compatible with the Goliath Gang kit and the Goliath Stimmers and Forge-born kit.

    - $22.95

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