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It's that time of Year again, Battleforces are back!

It's that time of Year again, Battleforces are back!


It's that time of Year again, Battleforces are back, and analyzing what's in the boxes, once again they manage to be one of the absolute best ways to get into either AoS / 40k, or to get your army from 1,000 Points to 2,000!

Here's what kind of money you'll be saving by picking up any one of the factions (and this doesn't even include the standard 15% mythicos discount!)

40K Sets

Orks: Killdaka Warband - $75 saved

Sisters of Battle: Purgatos Mission - $92 in savings

Necrons: World Scour Legion - About $90 in savings

Space Marines: Shieldbreaker Strike Force - Depending on how you purchase the units, you're look at easily over a $100 saved!

Death Guard:  Plaguefester Warband - $95 - 100 Saved! Currently our Staff Pick for Battleforce boxes this year.

Adeptus Mechanicus - Coming Soon 

AOS Sets

Hedonites of Slaanesh: Sybarite Blade-Carnival - $90-95 Saved! Not bad!

Lumineth Realm Lords: Vanari Shining Host - $100-110 Saved! Now that's solid!

Soulblight Gravelords: Revenent Legion:  $80 Saved

Ossiarch Bonereapers: Mortisan Tithe-Echelon : About $90 Saved


  • Managed to snag two this time around, hahah jeez, good value this year, particularly on the AoS end of things!

    - Sean Mullin
  • Got mine! Thanks guys

    - Nick
  • Yay! I thought retailers weren’t going to get them this year, I’m getting one of each :3

    - John

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