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Victory at Sea Kumano 1944

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Kumano was of the Mogami-class, which consisted of four heavy cruisers which served in the Imperial Japanese Navy. These were exceptionally large for light cruisers, but were constructed in such a manner as to obey the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922, but could easily be refitted as heavy cruisers by refitting their batteries with twin 8-inch guns. This was completed in 1937.

Kumano served in numerous engagements during the war, tangling with British steamships in the Indian Ocean Raids, supporting the reinforcement of Guadalcanal and escorting “Tokyo Express” convoys. Struck by two American torpedoes from Submarines in November 1944, she was towed to Santa Cruz to enact repairs. However, she came under attack by aircraft launched from the carrier USS Ticonderoga, rolling over and sinking.