Sanction & Sin (Paperback)

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    A Warhammer Crime Anthology

    The city of Varangantua is a choking sprawl that festers on the surface of Alecto. Within it, some of the most treacherous criminals in the whole Imperium make their living. Standing up for the law are the Enforcers, though many of them are as immoral as the criminals they oppose.

    These stories investigate what it means to fall on either side of the law in the choking bureaucracy of the Imperium.

    The colossal city of Varangantua sprawls across the surface of Alecto like a dying beast, its innards crawling with some of the most insidious criminals the Imperium has to offer. From vast syndicates to small-time gangs and secretive cults, the city's labyrinthine districts are the perfect breeding ground for all manner of illicit enterprise. The Enforcers of Varangantua are all that stand in the way of total lawlessness, and many of these are as corrupt as the gangers they oppose, knowing no language but violence.

    This anthology collects together tales of law, sin, and morality from much-loved authors, including Mike Brookes, Denny Flowers, Danie Ware, Darius Hinks, and more.

    Up in Arms by Mike Brooks
    Bracelet of Bones by Danie Ware
    Blood Ballot by J S Collyer
    Bitter Harvest by Denny Flowers
    Unnatural Causes by Jude Reid
    Loose Ends by Darius Hinks
    Confessions of Fire by Gary Kloster
    The Siege of Ismyr by Victoria Hayward
    Service by Jonathan D Beer

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