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Maya Starter Force

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The Maya are fearsome warriors from the center of Mythic Americas. Few warrior leaders are as feared as the mighty Halach Uinic Warlord. A Maya Warlord always leads his Maya Force from the front and will never be seen skulking in the rear. He is at home amongst the bloodiest areas of the battlefield. Wherever the most intense fighting, that is where you will find a Halach Uinic Warlord.

Every Maya Force will always include a strong contingent of Spear-armed Calakmal Warriors. Calakmal Warriors, like most of the Maya Force, benefit from powerful in-game rules such as Vengeful and Vicious.

The Maya may be close combat experts, but that doesn’t mean they lack in ranged attacks. Tikal Archers are mighty archers who Cause Fear and are also Vicious. Any enemy thinking that Tikal Archers are easy prey to engage in hand-to-hand combat will learn a hard lesson.

A Maya Force is a fearsome opponent but backed up by the mighty and Vengeful Children of Xibalba, the Maya become an avalanche of pain!

Box Contents:

1 Halach Uinic Warlord and two Maya Noble bodyguards (3 models).

2 Five-man Units of Spear-armed Calakmal Warriors (10 models).

1 Five-man Unit of Tikal Archers (5 models).

1 Three-man Unit of Children of Xibalba (3 models).