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Aztec Starter Force

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Everything you need to start your first Mythic Earth Force! 


The Aztecs are led by the much-feared Tlalocan High Priest, who uses dark rites to raise the corpses of the fallen and send them against the enemies of the Aztecs. Their magic can bolster allies and harm foes. High Priests and the Aztecs command legions of Tlalocan-Bound Dead.

The Tlalocan-Bound Dead shuffle out of the darkened jungle undergrowth toward their enemies, their relentless rotten corpses a terror to the living. Often led by a Tlalocan High Priest they are either deployed as a shambling horde of undead or stationed as implacable guards at important sites. Faced with such horror, how can the living hope to defeat a foe who is already dead?

Moving with lightning speed across the battlefield, like the birds of prey whose name they bear, the Eagle Warriors dive in and launch a withering volley of deadly shots at the enemy before racing away once again. Their ability to rapidly move and reposition for a quick strike before swooping off again allows them to harass the enemy, disrupting their attacks and leaving cold corpses in their wake.

Tlalocan-Bound Marauders are grotesque undead monsters raised by Tlalocan High Priests to be thunderous and terrifying shock troops. Wielding two great macuahuitls – devastatingly sharp obsidian-edged swords capable of slicing through any armor – these large, relentless, and magic-animated corpses tear through the living with frightening ease. 

Box Contents:

1 High Priest with 2 Tlalocan-Bound Dead bodyguards (3 models).

2 Five-man Units of Tlalocan-Bound Dead warriors (10 models).

1 Five-man Unit of Eagle Warriors (5 models).

1 Three-man Unit of Tlalocan-Bound Marauders (3 models).