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Load image into Gallery viewer, Mythic Americas: Inuit Starter Set
Load image into Gallery viewer, Mythic Americas: Inuit Starter Set

Mythic Americas: Inuit Starter Set

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Hailing from the furthers reached of the frozen north. The Inuit are a Force to contend with throughout Mythic Americas. Hardy warriors without equal, the Inuit are always led by a Tuvaak Master, who himself is typically accompanied by a cadre of spear armed Tuvvak bodyguards.

In Mythic Americas, flying creatures and brave warriors who refuse to give ground abound. But this matters not to Harpoon-armed Tuvaak Warriors because their special weapons mean they can pull enemy warriors closer and can even bring down mighty flying creatures down to the ground from the skies above!

Hardy Inuit can also reach out from a distance with their Arvik Tuvaak long-range specialist bowmen. These fearsome archers are often right in the middle of most fights or can be found sitting securely around a key battlefield objective. Any battlefield upon which the Inuit fight will ring with the screams of fighting warriors and the roar of the mighty Nanuq Guardians. Nanuq Guardians are the snow-white bears of lore who can charge into any enemy and crush their will with their ferocious attacks.

Box Contents:

1 Tuvaak Master and two bodyguards (3 models).

2 Five-man Units of Harpoon-armed Tuvaak Warriors (10 models).

1 Five-man Unit of Arvik Tuvaak Archers (5 models).

1 Three-man Unit of Nanuq Guardians (3 models).