Catan: Dawn of Humankind

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    Embark on humankind's greatest journey!

    Guide your branch of the human family tree to gather resources, migrate, and settle across the globe all while advancing their technologies and cultures. This fresh and vibrant reboot of the original game Settlers of the Stone Age is rooted in the classic Catan gameplay system with plenty of new mechanics, strategies, and adventures to discover.


    1 Game Board
    4 Progress Tracks
    13 Number Discs
    4 Player Aid Cards
    80 Resource Cards
    1 Card Tray
    48 Player Pieces
    1 Neaderthal
    1 Smilodon
    18 Exploration Markers
    33 Campsite Markers
    14 Victory Point Tiles
    2 Dice (d6)
    1 Rulebook & Quick Setup Sheet

    Ages: 12+
    Players: 3-4
    Game Length: 90-120 minutes

    - $55.99

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