Star Wars Legion Battle For Hoth - HQ
Star Wars Legion

March across the frozen tundra of Hoth with all of the might of the Empire. Protect the hidden Rebel base at all costs. Follow General Skywalker into battle to defend the Republic. Invade any system that does not support the Separatist cause. Or beware of a new threat that emerges from the Shadows.

Join us for a 500pt Star Wars Legion Battle Force Only Skirmish Tournament on August 20th, 2022. This event will be held at Mythicos HQ in Randolph. The tournament will consist of 3 Rounds, each 1.5 hours long. The game will be played Swiss style. The event will utilize the Star Wars Legion rules from Atomic Mass Games. All lists must be created using one of he 5 Battle Force Rules documents published on the Atomic Mass Games website. 

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