Mythic Americas: Maya Starter Set

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    1x Halach Uinic Warlord\hä-'läch ü-'ē-nēk\ –TheHalachUinicholdsallreligious,civilandmilitary power in Maya society, governing as decreed by the Maya Gods. Leading his council of Almehenob Nobles into battle, the Halach Uinic is a both a cunning tactician and formidable fighter.

    With 2x Almehenob Noble Bodyguards.

    Almehenob Nobles \äl-'mā-he-nȯb\– Wealthy Almehenob Nobles are fiercely loyal to the Halach Uinic. Their position, power and privilege gives them access to the best weapons and strongest armor, which they train with ceaselessly, making them some of the most formidable mortal warriors.

    10 Calakmal Warriors with macuahuitls

    Calakmal Warriors \kä-läk-'mül\– Wearing fierce trophies and ornaments, the Calakmal Warriors of the Maya are a fearsome sight, almost demonic. Raiding and fighting for their masters, these warriors often wield macuahuitl, which can smash bone, tear skin and leave horrific damage.

    10 Tikal Archers

    Tikal Archers \tē-'käl\– Tikal Archers fight alongside the Calakmal Warriors, shooting waves of vicious arrows into the enemy. Some are armed with the powerful atlatl spear-thrower, which is capable of piercing through even the strongest armor.

    3 Alux bases

    Alux \'äh-liks\– The mischievous Alux are small spirits that make the Maya farms and forests their home. Using cunning, trickery and illusion, they harass and frighten enemy invaders until they run screaming for safety. Even the most heavily armed and armored warrior can fall prey to their mind-bending tricks, sowing fear and discord in even the most disciplined.

    • 23 White Metal Models
    • 23 32mm (3mm Thick) MDF Bases
    • 9 metal Alux minis
    • 3 40mm (3mm Thick) MDF bases

    - $100.00

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