Ultimate Basing Class - With Instructor John Margiotta
Painting Class
Painting Class

Let cover all the bases! Class by Golden Demon winner and volunteer instructor, John Margiotta

Preview the types of bases we will be working on HERE

Welcome to THE ultimate basing class. The Ultimate Basing Class is a 5-hour course that will show you how to create a post-apocalyptic figure-base using such materials as: Wooden cubes, Plasti-Card, Juweela bricks, cork and a whole slew of other materials, all of which will let you detail your model’s bases to a whole other level of quality. 


Make sure to sign up early as our classes sell out faster than the times it takes for plastic glue to set!


Class take place at the brand-new Jersey Devil Hobby Arts Center in Randolph, New Jersey.


Class price (includes everything you’ll need on the day): $120


Class size: 15


Ultimate Basing Class - With Instructor John Margiotta ticket - Sat, May 21 2022

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