Jersey Devil Painting Competition at Historicon
Painting Competition

​IF you’re a passionate hobbyist/painter who wants to show us all how talented you are then
listen up! We will love your work, celebrate it, and reward you with some cool prizes.
Enter the first ever, Jersey Devil Painting Competition at Historicon! This is a fan-fueled festival
of the hobby, so spread the word and get painting. If we don’t get a minimum of 12
participants, then well we won’t run it. So make sure people enter!
Date and time: Friday July 22nd 2022

Models can be entered any time on Friday up to 6:00 PM.
Please be prepared to bring your models home on Friday.

Cost: $15.00 Entry fee (covers 1 entry per category)
Register at:
Please note: This entry fee does not include the convention entrance. This is only for

the Jersey Devil Painting Competition

Guidelines: Fully painted single figures, or units. You can enter any or all categories

but only one model per category.

Categories 28mm models:

Single Miniature Fantasy
Single Miniature Sci-Fi
Single Miniature Historical (any period)
Single Bolt Action Miniature
Single Bolt Action Vehicle

Categories 28mm models:
Unit Fantasy
Unit Sci-Fi
Unit Historical any period
Unit Bolt Action
Full Bolt Action Army

Open category:

Vehicle (air planes, ships, tanks, of wheeled vehicle of any historical era,
fantasy or sci-fi, dioramas)

Jersey Devil Rules and Guidelines

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