Exclusive Catachan Colonel HERO Charity Raffle

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    Dear Mythicos Studios community,

    We just heard back from our friends at GW, and although they were very generous in giving us a great allotment of the new Exclusive Catachan model, it's not nearly enough to make everyone happy!

    So we thought hard about it, and decided that instead of making only 3 of you happy (more on that later) while disappointing dozens who could not get it, we will do something which will benefit our local heroes, and in the long run benefit a much wider community…our local towns.

    Mythicos Studios is getting 3 minis. It is not our habit to resell on eBay at huge mark ups. We’re always “community first”, and price gouging to make a quick buck goes against our philosophy.

    So what are we doing I hear you ask…We’ve been looking at how much the online prices are being juiced on this particular kit (some of them have already gone for over $500.00!) so instead of us trying to profit off of the 3 we have available, we will put it towards something good, and at the same time, be able to give everyone a chance to get one!

    For this reason, we will be hosting a raffle and 100% of the proceeds will be going to our local First Responders Workers & Volunteers, the Roxbury Company 1 Fire and EMS. Mythicos will also be donating $500 towards the same cause.

    So make sure to buy your tickets. You may purchase as many raffle tickets as you would like to increase your odds and more importantly, to help our local heroes. We will let someone from the first responders pick the three names from a hat. The first three names will each win one mini. No one will be able to win more than once. Entry is $10 per chance. You can get your tickets right here!

    Good luck!

    - $10.00

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