40K Summer GT 2022 - MAHWAH ticket - Sat, Jun 25 2022

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    40K Summer GT 2022 - MAHWAH
    Warhammer 40,000

    Following the success of Lepricon GT- another 50 person capped GT at the Mahwah Club location!

    COMP-PACK HERE - Compac will be updated soon

    Create your EVO-Account HERE 

    New Prizes updated here on 5/1/22


    Fill out email used in BCP, so we can attach your ticket to the event.

    An EVO account will be required for all players: We will be using the losing bracket as an additional matched play chance to win bonus prizes.

    40K Summer GT 2022 - MAHWAH - Sat, Jun 25 2022 - $65.00

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