10/2/2021 - 10/3/2021 OCTOCON Age of Sigmar GT ticket

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    10/2/2021 - 10/3/2021 OCTOCON Age of Sigmar GT
    Age of Sigmar

    Mythicos Studios Warhammer Age of Sigmar 2021 Competition Packet

    Welcome to the Mythicos Studios Octocon Warhammer Age of Sigmar 2021 Competition Packet. In here you will find everything you need to know about our event. 


    Mythicos Studios Mahwah

    115 Franklin Turnpike, Mahwah NJ 07430 


    ·       Cost of the event:

      • $60.00
    • Timing of the Event: 9AM to 6:30PM 
      • Registration 9:30AM to 10AM 8/02/2021
      • Rounds: 2 hours and 30 minutes each.
        • Round 1 10AM to 12:30PM
        • Lunch 12:30PM to 1PM
        • Round 2 1PM to 3:30PM
        • Round 3 3:45PM to 6:15PM 
      • Check in Day 2 9:30AM to 10AM 8/03/2021
        • Round 4 10AM to 12:30PM
        • Lunch 12:30PM to 1PM
        • Round 5 1PM to 3:30PM
        • Awards Ceremony 3:45PM to 4:15PM

    The Basics:

    • We will be using the Best Coast Pairing App.
    • Please upload your list to Best Coast Pairings the day before the event
    • Please bring 4 hard copies of your army list.  One list to leave with Mythicos, and one for each opponent you play.
    • When you arrive at the event you must register.  You will be assigned a number.  You must provide when you register a copy of your army list.  We prefer you submit your list using warscroll builder.
    • All unit upgrades, allegiance abilities, spells, Grand Strategies and options must be indicated on your list as per the Matched Play Rules. 
    • All five battles will take place in the Ghurish Heartlands (pg.12 GHB 21).
    • If there is anything you need please feel free to contact the store at or email john.sigsby@mythicosstudios.com, we will be happy to answer any and all questions.
    • Legend units will not be allowed at this tournament.


    The Rules: 

    • We will be using the core rules including those pertaining to allegiance abilities and warscroll battalions and the pitched battle rules from the General’s Handbook 2021.  This includes the Realm of Ghur, Grand Strategies, Battle Tactics, Enhancements, Allegiance Abilities, Artefacts, Spells and Endless spells.
    • The army you use must be chosen using the Pitched Battle rules up to 2,000 points as outlined on page 46 of the GHB 2021.
    • We will NOT allow armies from the Warhammer Legends.
    • You should bring along additional models to allow you to summon units to the battlefield and to ensure you have suitable models should certain rules or abilities require you to set up an extra unit or replace a model with a different one. 
    • You must use the same army for all of the games you play.
    • Terrain for the battles will be provided and set up by the event organizers and labelled accordingly before the games.
    • Fifteen minutes before the start of each round we will tell you which Pitched Battle plan is to be used in that round and in which realm the battle will take place.
    • After each round you and your opponent must complete the scoring sheet (copies will be made available) per the GHB 2021 page 17.
    • Triumphs will be used.
    • Only warscrolls that have official points from GW are legal. 
    • You must use the most recent version of the warscroll at this event. 
    • Official GW FAQ’s will be in effect. 
    • New Battle Tomes released 10 days prior to the event cannot be used. 
    • Proxies and conversions will be allowed but must clearly represent the warscroll. 
    • Scenery on each table for each round will be predetermined by the event organizers and marked accordingly. 
    • General terrain warscrolls will not be allowed. Armies or warscroll battalions that have specific scenery scrolls or rules may still have access to them. Citadel Woods will block line of sight. 

    The Scenarios:

    The five listed scenarios will be played in a random order that will be announced the day of the tournament.

    ● Marking Territory 

    ● Savage Gains 

    ● Power Struggle

    ● Tectonic Interference 

    ● Tooth and Nail 

    Scoring and tournament points:

    For this event we will be using the Honest Wargamer's tournament scoring packet. The decision behind this is to help unify and standardize how rounds are scored. In addition to being in this packet you can find the Honest Wargamers website found here.

    Primary Scoring Brackets: Wins are worth 20 Tournament points, Minor Wins are worth 14 Tournament points, Draws are worth 10 Tournament points, Minor Losses are worth 6 Tournament points and Losses are worth 0 Tournament points.

    This is how we decide the final brackets the players are sorted into before we apply the secondary system. So all the players who won all their games will be in the top bracket and from them the next system will sort out the placings in each bracket.

    Secondary Scoring Bracket

    Q: Can a payer who goes 4-1 place higher then a player who goes 5 - 0

    A: No

    Q: What happens on Battleplans like Marking Territory.

    A: Nothing extra needs to be done as everyone would be playing it

    Please read the Player’s Code on page 57 of the GHB 2021.  We are looking forward to providing our awesome community a great place to play with cool scenery and an overall positive experience.   Please do not be “that guy” who forces us to take corrective action.


    Good luck to all, please enjoy yourself and CHAAAAAAAARGE IN THE NAME OF SIGMAR!!!!! 

    If you have any questions please reach out to us by contacting john.sigsby@mythicosstudios.com


    10/2/2021 - 10/3/2021 OCTOCON Age of Sigmar GT - $60.00

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