Sworn Brothers

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    Night's Watch forces may come from conscripts, criminals, and assorted riffraff, but once they don the Black and say their vows, Sworn Brothers rise to become stalwart men, dedicated to holding the Wall against all incursions. The typical Sworn Brother can be relied upon in the heat of battle to stand against terrifying enemies, and deliver punishing blows with their powerful greatswords. Although they lack the specialization of other Night's Watch units, every force requires a backbone. Competent commanders should avoid letting them become flanked or encircled, but instead allow the Sworn Brother line to serve as refuge for other wide-ranging forces.

    Plastic components.

    13 Miniatures
      ‣ 12 Sworn Brothers
      ‣ 1 Watch Captain

    1 Unit Card
    1 Attachment Card
    1 Movement Tray

    - $29.74

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