Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set

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    The Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set contains everything players need to embark on a Stranger Things adventure including the essential rules of the roleplaying game. It's a great way for new as well as seasoned Dungeon & Dragons players to experience the D&D adventure Stranger Things character Mike Wheeler has created for his friends.

    Pick your character -- will you be Will the Wise or Dustin the Dwarf? Get your fireballs ready as you investigate the mysterious castle and battle the ferocious Demogorgon. Prepare for just about anything, because the game just got stranger.

    Product Features

    • Embark on an exciting Dungeon & Dragons adventure
    • Hunt For The Thessalhydra
    • Includes everything a group needs to play
    • Adventure Book and colorful Rulebook contain tons of information 
    • Play as a favorite Stranger Things character
    • Players can paint and customize one of the Demogorgons

    Box Contents

    • Stranger Things Adventure book
    • Rulebook
    • 5 Stranger Things character sheets
    • 6 Dice
    • Painted Demogorgon
    • Unpainted Demogorgon

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