Lannister Pyromancers

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    The Alchemist's Guilds has long guarded the secrets of manufacturing Wildfire, and now brings its expertise in service to House Lannister. Wildfire is a green-tinted substance of tremendous explosive power. Fire, heat, or even a hard hit can detonate the substance, and it burns with a green flame until completely consumed. Against such an assault, armor is useless, even hardened veterans have little defense against the panic sown by such an unanswerable attack. That said, Pyromancers cannot wear bulky armor of any sort, and such a dangerous unit often becomes prey for dedicated missile fire. Yet, employed properly, the Pyromancers can break any line and shatter any formation.

    12 Miniatures
    1 Unit Card
    1 Movement Tray

    - $29.74

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