'Deuce' 2&1/2 ton Truck with Winter US Squad

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    'Deuce' 2&1/2 ton Truck with Winter US Squad


    Sometimes referred to as the ‘deuce and a half’ the 2½ ton truck was the standard US general purpose army cargo truck used for haulage as well as troop transportation and as a prime mover for howitzers and anti-tank guns. Nicknamed “Jimmy” at General Motors, over 800,000 were built and these vehicles contributed enormously to the Allied victory. Here it comes with the US Winter Infantry squad ready for action!

    Cost: 41pts (Inexperienced), 51pts (Regular), 61pts (Veteran)

    Weapons: none

    Damage Value: 6+ (soft skinned)

    Transport: 18 men

    Tow: light, medium or heavy anti-tank gun; light or medium howitzer; light anti-aircraft gun

    Options: May have a pintle-mounted MMG with 360º arc of fire for +15pts. May upgrade the MMG to an HMG for +10pts.

     Model supplied unassembled and unpainted.

    - $44.37

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