Inferno Presents: The Inquisition

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    Tales From the Worlds of Warhammer

    Inquisitor Katarinya Greyfax recounts the tale of how she became part of a Necron Overlord's collection, radical inquisitor Otto Dagover hunts the heretic saint Ephrael Stern, and inquisitorial protégé Medea Betancore scours Queen Mab for an obscure text, among many other thrilling tales.

    This collection of tales centring on the sinister Inquisition brings together short stories penned by some of your favourite authors, including Dan Abnett, Robert Rath, and David Annandale.

    This special volume of Inferno! includes eleven short stories featuring agents of the iconic Imperial Inquisition – from puritan witch hunters to radicals of the Ordo Xenos. These ruthless individuals will stop at nothing to purge the galaxy of heresy in the Emperor's name!

    Mindshackle by Robert Rath
    Recongregator by David Annandale
    Lepidopterophobia by Dan Abnett
    The Book of Change by Danie Ware
    The Tear of Selevia by Mike Brooks
    Tainted Faith by Denny Flowers
    Knife Fight by Rich McCormick
    The Last Crucible by Noah Van Nguyen
    The Carbis Incident by Victoria Hayward
    The Roar of the Void by Rob Young
    Outpost by Tom Toner

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