11/13/2021 The Burning of Ikarus, A Horus Heresy Event ticket

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    11/13/2021 The Burning of Ikarus, A Horus Heresy Event

    The Burning of Ikarus, A Horus Heresy Event

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    Phase II, Armored Siege
    November 13th 10 AM
    Mythicos Randolph,
    Mythicos Studios, 1152 NJ-10 Unit 1, Randolph, NJ 07869
    Ikarus was a world in chaos. Loyalist forces having fled from Novo Carillion to the planet
    following their defeat, were closely pursued by the Warmaster’s legions. Ikarus was already split
    by the Heresy, it is to this planet and its surrounding space that all these forces are drawn. This is
    where the Loyalists made their stand, this is where the fate of millions was be decided.
    Initially discovered during the Great Crusade by the 737th Expeditionary Fleet (the so-called
    Harbingers of Enlightenment) and was quickly colonized by the fledgling Imperium. Quickly
    becoming known as a sheltered port in the stormy Immaterial lanes between the Delios Sector
    and Thramas Sector, Ikarus grew from a backwater colony to subsector administratum hub in
    only 150 years. Boasting a highly diverse climate extremely adaptable to human life, the Imperium
    took to Ikarus like fish to water. Glacial frost fields covered the northern and southern poles of
    the sole continent, and all other manner of biomes were found between. Gigantic Hive Cities, like
    Kretos, soon sprouted out of the once-lush forests, and ultimately destroyed the forests they were
    built upon.
    The atmosphere of the planet has now become toxic and corrosive. The poisonous air burning any
    exposed flesh and scouring the surface of indigenous life. Blinding storms of caustic ash obscure
    the surface from orbit. Ikarus’ role during the Heresy was one of blood and treachery. Initially
    declaring for the Emperor, a small contingent of the planets’ bureaucratic ruling class, the
    Overseers, prepared a coup d'etat, brazenly assassinating the Premier Director of the Order of the
    Administratum, in the Cloister of the High Civil Service. Each assassin carried with them a small
    brass hatchet, and in a twisted sense of justice, cut down the Premier Director like the originally
    settlers cut down the trees to build Kretos, plunging the planet into the ongoing Civil War tearing
    the galaxy apart. It is into this the bloody conflict between loyalist administratum forces, and cult
    militia tearing the planet apart that loyalist forces attempt to make their stand.
    The Battle so far:
    Reports of dismal failure by the Warmaster's forces begin to filter back from Ikarus, into the
    Thramas sector. An odd mix of loyalist Death Guard, Mechanicum, and Imperial Fists, stiffened
    by a lost detachment of Custodes, halted the light ground forces dispatched to secure the landing
    zones, and armored airlocks leading into the hives. As the day wore on the loyalist success
    stiffened the administratum forces resolve and brought the planet firmly under Imperial control
    despite Sons of Horus and Iron Warriors best efforts.

    V 1.0
    The traitor’s heaviest engines of war began pouring into the sector to swing the balance. Massed
    armored formations and super heave vehicles had become the only viable option for surface
    warfare outside of the decimated hive cities. Ikarus became a rallying point against the
    Warmaster's forces, an attempt to stifle the advance of the Night Haunter's forces out of the
    Thramas sector.
    External Ikarus Environment
    Cold Void, Poisoned Air, Corrosive Atmosphere: This special rule can also be used to represent
    fighting outside environments filled with poisonous gas, choking industrial fumes or extreme
    heat/cold, as well as the effects of fighting in a depressurized area of a space vessel during a
    boarding action. When this special rule is in effect, the following apply:
    All weapons and attacks with a Strength of 4 or higher gain the Rending special rule, unless their
    target has Hardened Armour or Void Hardened Armour, has an Armour value (AV) or has a save
    of 2+. In the case of attacks against mixed units, apply these rending wounds to the more
    vulnerable targets first.
    All weapons and attacks which already have the Rending special rule now rend on a roll of 5 or 6,
    unless their target has Hardened Armour or Void Hardened Armour, has an Armour value (AV)
    or has a save of 2+. In the case of attacks against mixed units, apply these rending wounds to the
    more vulnerable targets first.
    All Fliers, jet bikes and bikes must take a dangerous terrain tests due to the corrosive effects of
    the atmosphere on exposed engines.
    Night Fighting is in effect throughout the game in all outside environments.
    Forces available for Phase II, Armored Siege:
    The toxic atmosphere limits the prolonged use of infantry outside of transports on the surface. At
    this stage of the battle all forces have limited exposed infantry units. All infantry units must have
    a transport they may re-embark on. Any rite of war that prevents units from being in transports
    you may re-embark in would not be allowed (Ex: orbital assault)
    In addition to the standard force organization, the Leviathan and Onslaught force organizations
    are permitted.
    This event is designed as the more traditional Tanksgiving event.

    Event Etiquette
    Hello and thank you for joining us today! We are here to have fun, roll dice and battle over this
    world! While all players and 30k-relevant armies are welcome, this is a fully painted event, where
    players should focus on the narrative and having fun over winning the games.


    The Burning of Ikarus, A Horus Heresy Event - $15.00

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