Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game: Isengard Battlehost

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    Join the ranks of the fallen Istari Saruman, one of the most powerful Wizards in Middle-earth™, as he personally leads the Isengard Battlehost of Uruk-hai Scouts and Uruk-hai Warriors, followed by his faithful minion, Gríma Wormtongue.

    This battleforce contains 48 plastic Citadel miniatures for use in games of Middle-earth™ Strategy Battle Game and is an ideal way for existing players to bolster their forces, or for new collectors to get into the game.

    Available for free alongside this Battlehost is a Quickstart Rules Guide PDF with simplified Core Rules and Scenarios, along with a Quickstart Booklet PDF with the miniature profiles to help you start playing as easily as possible.


    1x Saruman™ Mounted
    1x Saruman™ on Foot
    1x Gríma Wormtongue™
    1x Palantír™ on a plinth
    24x Uruk-hai™ Scouts
    20x Uruk-hai™ Warriors

    - $76.50

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