$200 Monthly Prize!!!

by Mythicos


Mythicos Studios will be adding a little extra spice to your Membership!

Active Members will be given raffle tickets after playing games on our sponsored weekly game days. 

Each game Active Members play on the SPECIFIC game system of the week for that day, they will receive a raffle ticket. Players MUST be an active member, and MUST be playing the said game. Only one ticket will be given out a day.

Example, Joe plays AOS in Randolph on Wednesday. He is an active Mythicos Member. Therefore he will receive one raffle ticket.

That’s not all!

Each player who participates in ANY of our Events will automatically receive a raffle ticket. For tournaments, 1st place winners will receive 2 extra, while 2nd, 3rd, and Best Painted will receive 1 extra.

On the last Wednesday of each month we will announce the winner. :)

Wait??? What are we raffling off??? 

We are giving out $200 store credit EACH MONTH to our winner!

So what are you waiting for? Head on down this WEEK and start earning your Mythic Tickets!

All of our Events can be found here:https://www.mythicos.store/collections/events 

Games of the Week!


  • Monday: Mythic America, X-Wing and Underworlds
  • Tuesday: Warcry and Underworlds
  • Wednesday: Age of Sigmar and Bolt Action
  • Thursday: 40k, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars Legion
  • Friday: Magic the Gathering


  • Tuesday: Star Wars Legion
  • Wednesday: Age of Sigmar
  • Thursday: Historicals
  • Friday: 40k and Warcry



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